Naissance des pieuvres

Naissance des pieuvres – Céline Sciamma (2007) 

Naissance des pieuvres was received with enthusiasm as the best debut at the 2007 Cannes Festival. In this coming of age film, director Céline Sciamma follows three fifteen year old girls during a sweltering summer in a suburb of Paris. We see the girls around the swimming pool, where they practice synchronised swimming, being teenagers and struggling with budding feelings and changing bodies. The focus is on their friendship and the whole gamut of emotions that come with it. The cast includes Adèle Haenel, who will perform in L'Etang at the Holland Festival. The film was followed with Tomboy (2011), Bande de filles (2014) and Portrait de la jeune fille en feu (2019), all films in which Sciamma accurately, tenderly and painfully brings to life a major and complex teen girl crush. Beautiful underwater shots of wildly flailing legs characterise the girls’ struggle to stay afloat, both literally and figuratively.