frequently asked questions about corona

At which performances should I be tested via 'Testen voor toegang'?
The 74th edition of the Holland Festival has begun. We are delighted that the festival can go ahead this year. Our starting point has always been to let as many people as possible enjoy all the performances live. The accompanying rules regarding the mandatory testing for corona via 'Testen voor toegang' appear to be confusing. Therefore we would like to explain it again. 

- For performances with less than 50 visitors there is no need to test. This applies to the festival performances La codista (Frascati) and Fremdkörper (Het HEM). 

- Venues with less than 1000 seats have the possibility to admit more than 50 visitors, but then 'Testen voor toegang' is mandatory. In the festival, this requirement applies to the following venues: ITA, the Muziekgebouw, the Gashouder and Zuiveringshal on the Westergas, and De School. 

- Venues with more than 1000 seats have the possibility to admit more than 250 visitors, on the condition that the audience is tested via 'Testen voor toegang'. In the festival, this applies to the performance Transvers Orientation in Carré. 

- The Dutch National Opera & Ballet performs as part of the Holland Festival, and has decided not to admit more than 250 visitors. Therefore, the audience at Die ersten Menschen, Beethoven and Four Seasons does not need to be tested. 

It is quite possible that these rules will be changed again during the festival period. We will keep the public informed through the website and newsletter.

How does 'Testen voor toegang' works?

1. Make a test appointment
Plan an appointment for a free corona test at one of the affiliated test locations via Make sure you have been tested up to 40 hours before your visit. In Amsterdam there are 3 test locations in the city center and in the RAI. If you would like to be tested in the RAI, please enter RAI at 'location'.

2. Get tested
Be at the test site on time. Bring your ID and confirmation of the test appointment with you. Even if you are already vaccinated, you need a negative test certificate for the festival visit!

3. Test results
After testing you will receive the result from the test provider within an hour. Only with a negative test result through Testing for Admission you can make a test certificate. 

4. Make a test certificate
a. Digital test receipt.
Download the CoronaCheck app on your phone. You can find the app in the App Store or the Google Play Store. With the result through the test provider, there is a retrieval code. Use this retrieval code in the CoronaCheck app. The app will turn this into a QR code. This is your digital test receipt. 
b. Paper test receipt
No smartphone? Go to and click on the "Make test declaration on paper" button. With the result through the test provider, there is a pickup code. Use this retrieval code. The website converts the test result into a QR code. You can now print your test receipt with QR code. 

5. Visit
You take your test certificate with you via the CoronaCheck app or printed on paper. We will scan the QR code at the entrance. Don't forget your proof of identity. Your data will be compared with the data in the test certificate. Finally, you also show your ticket/access card. You can visit several performances within the 40 hours that the test is valid. Unfortunately we cannot allow you to attend a performance without a test certificate. 

NOTE: We are getting signals that the CoronaCheck app is not always working properly and that not everyone is able to perform the above steps. Until further notice you may bring one of the following proofs of your negative test result to the performance:

1. digital QR code in the CoronaCheck app (see 4a),
2. printed QR code via (see 4b),
3. e-mail with negative test result (see 3), printed or on your phone


I have already been vaccinated against corona, do I also need to be tested via 'Testen voor toegang'? 
There is currently no generally introduced proof that can be used to gain admission. Entry to the Holland Festival can therefore only be granted if you can show a negative test result from 'Testen voor toegang'.

I have already had corona, do I also have to be tested?
Even if you have already had corona, you still have to be tested.

Do I need to be at the performance venue extra early?
Due to corona measures, please note that we ask you to be at the venue earlier than usual. All visitors will be informed of the times in the service email, which will be sent a few days before a performance. 

What corona rules apply in the venues?
When attending a performance, all regular corona rules apply, including 5 feet distance and wearing a mouth mask in all indoor areas. Once you are in your seat, the mouth mask may be removed. Due to the corona measures, the applicable house rules in all theaters and locations have been modified. Visitors should be aware of the house rules in effect there upon entering the theatre. These are published on the venue's website and on signs at the entrance. 

Can I sit in the auditorium next to my family/spouse/partner?
Audience seating is done in theaters and venues by the staff present. You can sit next to each other with up to two people from the same household or family at most performances. At the performances Fremdkörper, La codista, Short Circuit and at auditorium seating of Listening Mutant 2021, you will be assigned a single seat. 

I am in a wheelchair and am accompanied. Will my escort be able to sit with me? 
Depending on the theater or venue, an appropriate seat will be found for the escort next to or near the wheelchair seat. 

I am unable to wear a mouth mask due to an illness. Can I still attend a Holland Festival performance? 
If you do not wear a mouth mask for medical reasons and have a document proving this, you are exempt from the current RIVM guidelines. 

What hygiene measures does Holland Festival recommend?

  • Wash/disinfect your hands regularly: for 20 seconds with soap and water, then dry them well with paper towels.
  • Cough and sneeze into the inside of the elbow.
  • Use paper tissues to blow the nose and throw these tissues away afterwards. Afterwards, wash the hands.
  • Do not shake hands and avoid physical contact.
  • Keep 1.5 meters (2 arm lengths) away from others.

Can I be denied access to the theater? 
The Holland Festival will not grant admission if you are not in possession of:

  • a valid ticket,
  • a negative test result from 'Testen voor toegang'.
  • a valid identity document. 

Is the checkroom open?
The checkrooms of the theaters are closed. You can take your coats and bags into the auditorium. We kindly ask you not to bring large bags. 

Are the toilets safe to use?
The toilets in the theaters are cleaned regularly. A limited number of toilets are available due to the 1.5m measure. 

How many people are allowed in the venue? 
The venues are set up to the 1.5 meter rule, as drawn up by the national government. 

Is there an intermission?
The performances have no intermission, with the exception of Listening Mutant 2021 at the Muziekgebouw, Short Circuit at The School and Age of Rage at ITA. 

Can I return tickets if I am prevented by corona? 
Yes, you can do so prior to the performance. Please contact  [email protected] as soon as possible. 

What happens to my tickets if the performance is cancelled? 
If the Holland Festival has to cancel performances due to changed circumstances or measures as a result of the corona pandemic, every visitor has the choice of exchanging purchased festival tickets for tickets for another performance, being refunded the full amount of the purchase or donating the amount. 

Does Holland Festival have general terms and conditions? 
At all times during the Holland Festival 2021, the General Terms and Conditions of the Holland Festival will apply, as well as the then current RIVM measures and other possible government measures and guidelines. By purchasing an entry ticket, every visitor declares that they are aware of and agree to these terms and conditions, as well as any additional conditions that may be imposed on the festival by the government or venues, such as the obligation to be able to show a negative Corona test result from