online programme

Main programme 
As an 'artist-driven' festival, the Holland Festival has deliberately chosen to host a live festival in 2021 in the belief that it is important that audiences and performers can share a physical experience. Unfortunately, due to corona measures, the capacity for the live performances is limited this year. A number of performances can therefore be seen (also) online. 

async at the Park Avenue Armory (June 3 - 5, stream on demand, viewable only in the Netherlands) 
Ine Aya' (June 11, live stream)
The Sheep Song (June 17, live stream, only available in the Netherlands)
Kukangendai (June 17, livestream)
The Planet - A Lament (June 22 - 24, stream on demand)
Ine Aya' (June 23 - 26, stream on demand)
Die ersten Menschen (as of 25 June, stream on demand)
TIME (June 27 - 29, stream on demand)

The podcast Soft Valkyrie can be listened to for free online (as of June 3).

Context programme
In addition to the main programme of the Holland Festival there is also an extensive context programme which can largely be followed online.

Together with magazine De Groene Amsterdammer, Holland Festival will provide an introduction to most of the performances via the podcast. The link to the introduction can be found at the top of the programme page of the relevant performance. 

Holland Festival in conversation
In this series various moderators will talk to the artists presenting their work at the festival. The conversations, partly accompanied by visual material and sound fragments, offer a glimpse into the work and background of the festival artist.

Holland Festival Backstage
In this series of short video encounters, meet the people who are on stage: the musicians, actors and dancers. The conversations provide a look behind the scenes of the Holland Festival programme. 

Holland Festival Playlist
What are the musical inspirations of some festival artists? We share the favorite playlists of several creators. Participating artists include Ryuichi Sakamoto, Kukangendai, Phia Ménard, Stephen O'Malley, Gisèle Vienne, Boyzie Cekwana, Danya Hammoud and David Kanaga.