Art instead of advertising

Holland Festival
in the city

Raquel van Haver, Micha Hamel, Rodrik Biersteker, YAK Films/Sozo Artists

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For a week during the festival period, places in Amsterdam ordinarily displaying advertisements will feature art by artists connected with the Holland Festival. Thirty bus and tram stops throughout the city will display images that invite people to take a good look, to enjoy and/or reflect. All the works have to do with the festival’s theme, In pursuit of the we. For example, the visual artists Raquel van Haver will be showing clips from her series Amo A La Reina about Latin-American women and the influence of political and economic circumstances. Scenographer Rodrik Biersteker will present a work with the title Simulation of a simulation, a composition in a game engine. Poet and composer Micha Hamel has written a new poem with the title o maskergezicht (‘oh mask face’) which runs across multiple posters. The creators of The Just and The Blind will share a collage of images from the show. Together, the artworks will bring attention to the festival’s theme In pursuit of the we – in times of social distancing in the physical outside world.

Raquel van Haver

Roderik Biersteker

Yak Films/Sozo Arists
(The Just and the Blind)

Micha Hamel

Micha Hamel

Micha Hamel

Micha Hamel