Lieve vreemde,

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The moment someone sends a letter, an encounter takes place – ‘I’ becomes ‘we’. Letters are a form of interaction unlike any other medium. They are characterised by reflection, attention and intimacy, and by the time lag between sending and receiving. In response to the Holland Festival, where the pursuit of a ‘we’ feeling is a key theme in many of the performances, online art magazine Mister Motley will be launching a special feature. Artists from various disciplines are invited to exchange letters about their creative lives, about community and the relationship between the two. Once the stamps have been steamed off, the letters will be published on the Mister Motley website.


di 7.4            writer Maartje Wortel and 
                     visual artist Vedran Kopljar          read more
di 14.4          astronomer Vincent Icke and
                     artist Rinke Nijburg                               read more
ma 20.4      artists Tudor Bratu en Robert Glas    read more
ma 4.5         artists L.A. Raeven and
                     writer Alam Mathijsen                              read more  
ma 25.5      artist Yaïr Callender and                         read more
                     architect Tomas Dirrix

Please note: in Dutch only

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