A sacrificial ritual, a celebration of dance

Rito de Primavera

José Vidal & Compañía

8:30 PM

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A pagan sacrificial ritual, a dance of death and the beginning of a new spring. There has been ritual dance for as long as people have existed. The Chilean choreographer José Vidal has created a completely new ritual for the present day, with fifty dancers, an electronic soundtrack by the DJ and multi-instrumentalist Jim Hast, and a euphoric stage performance that appeals to all the senses. The dancers and the audience come together in the near-darkness of Zuiveringshal West - where this registration was recorded during Holland Festival 2017. Lose yourself in the throng and experience this mystical underground rave. It is a passionate celebration of dance.


The choreographer and dancer Jose Luis Vidal was born in Valdivia, Chile. He studied anthropology and sociology before turning to dance in 1994. Two years later, he received a grant from the American Dance Festival to study in New York. He was recruited by

the Czech-Italian group Déjà Donné and worked as an assistant choreographer for Simona Sandroni at the Academy of Fine Arts in Bratislava, the Czech Republic. After that, he was a member of Ernesto Company at the Théâtre Varia in Brussels and Transit Company in Barcelona. Vidal gained a Master's in Choreography at the London Contemporary Dance School, Kent University. Ever since, he has been living and working in London and Santiago. In London, as an associate artist at The Place, he produced the award-winning choreographies 21frames21minutesInventarioThe Kiss and Loop. In 2011, he brought together dozens of dancers and performers from a range of disciplines for Loop.3 – the opening performance of the theatre of the Centro Cultural Gabriela Mistral (GAM). They form the basis for his own dance company in Santiago. Vidal's choreographies revolve around a fascination with continual movement and how the cycle of nature can be portrayed with the dancing body. He also focuses on the role of the individual in large group movements, how different bodies can move together as one, assisted by a fervent belief in the transformative power of the art form of dance. Under the name Jose Vidal & Cía, he presented DOSMILDOCE (2012) – an interactive theatre experience with forty spectators and performers on the same stage, and Tramas Coreográficas – with more than thirty performers, made specifically for the central hall of the GAM and enacted as an intervention in the public space. His ensemble, brought together by a love of sharing knowledge and creative synergy, now consists of more than fifty members. Rito de Primavera was also established during a residency at GAM in 2013. This performance marks his debut at the Holland Festival.



choreography, direction
Jose Vidal
Jim Hast, Andrés Abarzúa
Antonia Peon- Veiga, Julio Escobar
Carlos Barros
Catalina Avaria
assistant producer
Victor Silva, Mayo Rodriguez
executive tour producer
Francisca Las Heras
workshop assistants
Damian Ketterer, Natalia Bakulic, Darío Oyarzún, Jesús Briceño, Andrés Escobar, Jaime Muñoz, Victor Silva
vocal coach, stage manager
Silvia Vivanco
Fabien Cambero
special thanks to
Giel Vleggaar
Opleiding Moderne Theaterdans – Academie voor Theater en Dans, Jodi Gilbert
performed by
Andrés Escobar, Artemisa Cifuentes, Benjamín Marchant, Bernardita Villaroel, Carlos Palacios, Carlos Sanchez, Catalina Avaria, Cesar Avendaño, Damian Ketterer, Darío Oyarzún, Domingo Del Sante, Emilio Edwards, Francisca Concha, Francisca Tapia, Francisco Martínez, Jaime Muñoz, Jesús Briceño, Luis Felipe Castillo, Mayo Rodríguez, Natalia Bakulic, Natalia Ramírez, Ninoska Soto, Pía Uribe, Simón Pascal, Tomás Riveros, Víctor Silva, Javier Escuti
Hanna vd Berg, Océane Borcy, Clotilde Cappeletti, Karlijn Roest, Isaiah Sellslaghs, Amber Smits, Amber Veltman, Zora Westbroek, Monia Antonucci, Sandy Ceesay, Iúri da Silva Costa, Gergö Farkas, Daniel Vliek, Winter Wieringa, Sarah Abicht, Hanah Kriesmair, Pilvi Kuronen, Diana Senauskaitė, Maxine Van Lishout, Andrea Devesa, Evgeniia Rubanova, Timon De Ridder, Christian Nujster, Marc Oliveras Casas, Louis Siegert, Andrei Voicu, Monia Antonucci