Gurdjieff Ensemble Meets Hewar

Levon Eskenian, Kinan Azmeh, Gurdjieff Ensemble, Hewar

The Armenian Gurdjieff Ensemble conquered the audience’s hearts at the Holland Festival in 2015. It now returns for a concert with the Syrian ensemble Hewar, which mixes Arabic music with jazz and western classical music. They are performing two new pieces: one by the Armenian Tigran Mansurian, based on prayers, and one by the Syrian Issam Rafea. Works by the Armenian omposers George Gurdjieff and Komitas Vardapet, arranged by Levon Eskenian, will also be performed, as well as music by the members of Hewar. The concert is a close interaction between two different cultures that live in close physical association with one another and have had a rich cultural xchange over the centuries. A dialogue giving voice to a wish for sustained peace.


George Gurdjieff, Komitas Vardapet, Tigran Mansurian, Issam Rafea
performed by
Gurdjieff Ensemble:
Levon Eskenian,
artistiek leider, arrangeur
Emmanuel Hovhannisyan,
duduk, pku, zurna
Armen Ayvazyan,
kemençe kamancha
Avag Margaryan,
pogh, zurna
Aramayis Nikoghosyan,
ud, bel
Davit Avagyan,
Mesrop Khalatyan,
dap, kshots, burvar
Vladimir Papikyan,
zang, santur
Meri Vardanyan,
Norayr Gapoyan,
duduk, bas duduk
Eduard Harutyunyan,
tmbuk, cimbalen
Kinan Azmeh,
Dima Orsho,
Jasser Haj Youssef,
viool, viola d’amore
Kinan Abou-afach,

This performance was made possible with support by