Connecting to corporate Amsterdam

Amsterdam and the Holland Festival belong together, they represent international allure and are open to inspiration and innovation. With the core values of the Holland Festival - international, Amsterdam, innovation and quality - collaboration is sought with corporations with a branch in Amsterdam who value a productive cultural climate in their city.

Sponsor of the Holland Festival

Join the Holland Festival and support a festival that for more than 70 years guarantees a distinguished and leading programme with its own signature and a household name.

As a sponsor you promote the cultural well-being of the city. Connect your company to the core values of the Holland Festival: innovation, adventure, international with cosmopolitan / Amsterdam allure and high quality. In the month of June you, your employees and your network have the opportunity to be surprised and touched by performances of the international top, which are not to be seen else where in the Netherlands. The festival offers you the perfect circumstances to connect to other companies and their (international) network.

The Holland Festival is looking for a main sponsor. We offer great opportunities. The Holland Festival offers a far-reaching and enriching window to the world, on a cultural and business level.

We look forward to creating a partnership that perfectly suits your company’s needs. For more information, please contact:
Mathilde Smit, Director Development
t. +31-(0)20 - 788 21 18
m. [email protected]

HF Business

Under the name HF Business companies join the Holland Festival with an annual contribution of € 5.000. As part of HF Business your business is directly connected to our programme and offers you the following benefits:

Invitations for two special events
Invitation for two for the Fall Meeting with a preview of the upcoming festival.
Invitation for one for the exclusive Holland Festival Spring Dinner;

Complementary Tickets

  • Two tickets for the official opening performance, including an invitation for the opening reception;
  • Four tickets for a HF performance of your choice* with an introduction of a Holland Festival staff member;
  • Two tickets for the ‘Holland Festival Friends Performance’ and the festive reception afterwards;
  • The possibility to order two tickets per Holland Festival production with a special discount*.

In addition you receive:

  • All Holland Festival publications both printed and digital (programmes, folders, newsletters, etc.);
  • Your name and / or logo in the HF Programme book, the website and all communication outlets where HF Business is listed.

Please contact us

Are you interested in joining HF Business or would you like to receive additional information, please contact:
Liza Meulenbroek, associate development
t. +31-(0)20 - 788 21 20
m. [email protected]


*A number of performances are excluded from this offer.