Foundations bring the Holland Festival forward

The Holland Festival receives essential support from Dutch and international, public and private foundations who contribute to the presentation of distinguished international performances for a diverse and broad audience. 

These foundations support the ambitions and goals of the festival such as the realization of unique international collaborations and the creation and presentation of new art works. Or giving a stage to outspoken creators or artists from diverse countries and regions, from up-and-coming young talents to the great masters. Or the execution of works of art that become milestones, but are seldom performed due to their complex nature. 

Foundations contribute to the mission of the festival to reach and connect an as large and diverse audience as possible. They take part in the impact the festival has in Marketing & Communication and therewith in reaching new audiences. For example younger audiences such as students and Young Professionals or specific groups who are found through programming artists like Amal Maher, Fairouz, the Simón Bolívar Symfonie orchestra conducted by Gustavo Dudamel, the Chaabi orchestra El Gusto and Abida Parveen. 

The festival presents a current and contemporary programme for over 70 years. The festival staff develops, in dialogue with you, funding applications to match your foundation’s mission. It is our pleasure to discuss how we can make a partnership visible. 

Are you interested in contributing to the Holland Festival through your foundation? We would like to tell you more about the festival, the programme and the possibilities to collaborate. Please contact Liza Meulenbroek, Development Associate, by phone +31-(0)20-7882120 or email: [email protected].