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Antonín Dvořák


Antonin Dvorák (1841-1904) was a Czech composer. His music bridged the gap between several different worlds; he allowed local and folk elements to mingle with the Western symphonic tradition. A violist and organist as well, Dvorák became one of Europe’s most important composers. His best-known works are Stabat Mater, Columbian Te Deum and Requiem. He also wrote chamber music, Slavonic dances, a cello concerto, symphonies and over 100 songs. He eventually became the director of the conservatory in New York, a job he combined with conducting and writing new pieces. His opera Rusalka was published in 1900, and became an international favourite.

Past events

  1. 2023

    opera |Park Frankendael
  2. opera |Nationale Opera & Ballet