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Charlotte Brathwaite


Creator/Director Charlotte Brathwaite’s genre-defying work illuminates the realities and dreams of marginalized people; people whose stories have been silenced, disappeared, and ignored. Dealing with subject matter from the historical past to the distant future, her work brings to light issues of social justice, race, power, and the complexities of the human condition. A director of classical texts, multimedia, site-specific works, dance performances, operas, concerts, film, and installations - Brathwaite’s trans-disciplinary inquiry manifests in spectacles of color and music. Her works live in the deep time of aural/oral history and create an immersive experience for audience and performer alike which offers new perspectives in both form and content. Brathwaite’s live art has been presented across the globe from North and South America, Europe, Africa, Asia and Australia. She is recipient of several prizes. Brathwaite holds an MFA from Yale School of Drama and BA from the Amsterdam School for the Arts (the Netherlands).  

Past events

  1. 2023

    multidisciplinary |Muziekgebouw - Grote zaal
  2. 2017

    dance |Stadsschouwburg Amsterdam