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Future Ecologies

Holland Festival, Felix Meritis

An afternoon that includes a panel discussion with choreographer Ana Pi (The Divine Cypher) and workshops about the future of local and international performing arts festivals from a decolonial and ecological perspective.

In what ways can international performing arts festivals take responsibility for decreasing their ecological footprint while also providing space for (internationally) unheard voices? What inequalities do we create or perpetuate, whether wittingly or unwittingly, in the name of sustainability? And what systems are at the root of this? We explore these questions not just from the perspective of festival organisers, but artists and activists as well, with a keynote, panel discussion, workshops and more. Check the website and socials for more information.


Sat June 22 1:30 PM


  • default € 20

language & duration

  • English

  • Duration of performance unknown


speaker Ana Pi in collaboration with Felix Meritis