Jamie Man


Composer Jamie Man (1987) explores humankind’s poetic nature through the use of opera and live performance installations. With her compositions, Man navigates private human recesses, namely the essence of masochism and the violence of the voyeuristic gaze. The scale of Jamie Man’s work ranges from dark-room installation-performance works, such as an ongoing series of works entitled Outrenoir, to large-scale performances like Zelle: Wenn es Dunkel Wird (LOD Muziektheater, 2021). The latter work plays a significant role in Jamie’s biography, as it is the first opera that she both composed and directed. Besides composing, Man is also a conductor and has previously featured at the Holland Festival in this role with the digital opera The Transmigration of Morton F., directed by Sjaron Minailo and composed by Anat Spiegel. The opera was a co-production of the Holland Festival in 2016.


2022 Outrenoir III: The Little Death (voor het San Francisco Symphony Orchestra)

2021 ZELLE: Wenn es Dunkel Wird (LOD Muziektheater)

2021 Filth and Ecstasy (Ballet de l'Opéra national du Rhin)

2020 Connaissez-vous le cri du Chocard? (l'Orchestre de Chambre de Paris en Théatre du Châtelet, Parijs)

2019 Outrenoir II: Appetitus (voor het London Symphony Orchestra Soundhub)

2019 Geburt (Berlijn)

2018 Outrenoir I: A Reflection (voor Ensemble Xenon, Berlijn)

2017 四 / Shi (Tokio)

2016 PLAY: Episodes in Subspace (Gulbenkian Music Foundation Lissabon)

2014 Body Language (LOD Muziektheater) 

Previously featured at the Holland Festival

2016 The Transmigration of Morton F.