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Johanna Constantine


Johanna Constantine is a performance artist and DJ from New York and co-founder of The Blacklips Performance Cult and The Johnsons. She is also part of the art project Future Feminism, which started in 2014. She came of age in the 1980s punk scene, and the antagonism towards the patriarchal system has remained a constant in her work, as has her relationship with artistic partner ANOHNI. Her performances contain grisly, transformative elements, often involving metal sculptures and body extensions. She has collaborated on many films and live performances with Charles Atlas, including collaborations in the Whitney Museum and Tate Modern. She has also danced for the Ohno School in collaboration with ANOHNI and later made live soundscapes and soundtracks for the Dance Archive Project in Tokyo. She recently had her first solo show at Participant Inc. in New York called Conduit.

Past events

  1. 2023

    performance |Muziekgebouw - Atrium
  2. multidisciplinary, dance, music |Muziekgebouw - Grote zaal