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les ballets C de la B


les ballets C de la B (Ghent) was founded by Alain Platel in 1984. Since then it has become hugely successful. Alain Platel has built a vision of an artistic platform for a group choreographers and dancers working with artists from various disciplines and cultures to take part in this dynamic creative process. As a result of its ‘mixture of artistic visions’, les ballets C de la B is not easy to classify. It is nevertheless possible to discern something like a house style (popular, anarchic, eclectic, committed), and its motto is ‘This dance is for the world and the world is for everyone’.

Past events

  1. 2022

    dance |Frascati - Zaal 2
  2. 2017

    dance |Koninklijk Theater Carré
  3. 2012

    dance |Koninklijk Theater Carré
  4. 2011

    opera |Muziekgebouw aan 't IJ
  5. 2009

    dance |Koninklijk Theater Carré