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Pankaj Tiwari


Pankaj Tiwari (1990) is an artist and curator from Balrampur, India currently based in Amsterdam. His artistic approach is based on context and connections; he focuses on facilitating locations for knowledge exchange and on curating artistic interventions in public spaces. In January 2020, Pankaj initiated Current: a Space, Amsterdam, which curates performances and works on a culture of intersectionality. He currently works as a co-curator/programmer at Zurich Gessnerallee, Switzerland. He was also invited to curate a festival around ‘Object, Memory and Migration’ for the IAS, University of Minnesota (2021-23). From 2011-2018, he worked as a creative director for The Fotons, a performance group from India. He received the 3Package Deal from the Amsterdam Fund for the Arts in 2021. He makes up the collective ‘Academy of New Rituals’ together with Maria Magdalena Kozłowska.

Recent work

2020 The Art of Walking

2021 Banyan

2021 Remote Together

2022 Opera to the People

2022 The Listeners

2023 Paperplanes

Past events

  1. 2023

    theatre |Frascati - Zaal 1