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Selma & Sofiane Ouissi


Choreographers, dancers and curators Selma Ouissi (1975, Tunis) and Sofiane Ouissi (1972, Tunis) are sister and brother. They have been creating and dancing together since the start of their careers. The work of these two major figures in contemporary dance in the Arab world is featured internationally in renowned museums and theatres. Both push the limits of what art can do and what can be built through art and culture in Tunisia. In Tunis, they created Dream City, a biannual festival, and the structure L'Art Rue, which is dedicated to artistic gestures that aim for social and political transformation.


Conservatory for Music and Dance, Tunis

National Centre for Dance,Tunis

French state diploma for dance


Major work


2007 Waçl

2011 Laaroussa (choreographic film)

2011 Here(s) 

2014-2015 Les Yeux d’Argos (video commissioned by Tate Modern)

2015-2019 Le moindre geste

2020 Wajdan (video)

Past events

  1. 2022

    dance |Frascati - Zaal 2