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The House with the Ocean View

Marina Abramović

The House with the Ocean View is one of the most daring durational performances where human endurance is put to the test. In this re-performance by Abramović a performer lives in the museum’s exhibition area for twelve consecutive days and nights following strict rules that include fasting, being silent and showering three times daily.

The performance takes place in the recreated installation of Marina Abramović’s original performance from 2002: a platform with three sparsely furnished spaces that serve as a bedroom, living room and bathroom, separated from visitors by ladders with knives for rungs. The audience is invited to silently connect with the performer. 

The performance will take place from 5 through 16 June at the Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam as part of the large retrospective exhibition of Marina Abramović’s work. The performance can be visited during the museum’s opening hours.

In collaboration with the Holland Festival there will also be three special evening openings for a limited number of people on 8, 11 and 15 June.

On 8 and 15 June, visitors will get the exclusive chance to experience the performance at their leisure and - either before or after the exhibition/performance - attend an in-depth talk by curator Karen Archey. It is also possible at all times to take part in the performative installation Counting the Rice.

On 11 June, guides from the Stedelijk Museum will give introductory talks about performance art especially for HF Young and Young Stedelijk members; it is also possible at all times to take part in the performances Counting the Rice and Work Relation.

The evening openings for the performance The House with the Ocean View are a joint initiative from Holland Festival and Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam.


za 8 juni 20:00-22:00 di 11 juni 20:00-21:00 di 11 juni 21:00-22:00 za 15 juni 20:00-22:00


  • default € 47,50
  • HF Young / Young Stedelijk € 22

language & duration

  • English surtitles: English

  • 2 hours

  • Marina Abramović, artist

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