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Through Poisoned Times

Georg Friedrich Haas, De Balie

Georg Friedrich Haas (1953) (11.000 Saiten) will discuss his autobiography Durch vergiftete Zeiten: Memoiren eines Nazibuben (Through Poisoned Times, Memoires of a Nazi Child) , which recounts his complex family history and its ties with national socialism. He will talk about how he freed himself from his family’s Nazi ideology.

The famous Austrian composer’s memoirs constitute a rare and important historical document that recounts a complex Austrian family history in the context of post-WW II national socialism, and Haas’ determined struggle against Nazi ideology in particular. With great precision, emotional strength and lucid social analysis, Haas offers a detailed look at a community influenced by German nationalism and national socialism. Haas describes how his break was also a way out from the toxic environment which also deeply influenced his work as a composer.


Tue June 18 8:00 PM


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language & duration

  • English

  • 1 hour 30 minutes