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Hartwig Art Foundation and Holland Festival present:


Wu Tsang, Moved by the Motion, Schauspielhaus Zürich

Moved by the Motion takes on the famous tragedy Carmen. Originally written by Prosper Mérimée and transformed into one of the most iconic operas of all time by Georges Bizet, Carmen’s tale has been adapted in numerous ways, inspiring popular culture and remaining in the collective consciousness through its controversy. Carmen is a rebellious bird, a wanderer, a hustler, a factory worker, a polylingual, shape-shifting lover, stateless and ungovernable.

In collaboration with writers Sophia Al-Maria and Fred Moten, Moved by the Motion digs through the many layers of Carmen’s legacy while taking the canonical source material further. Bizet’s original score weaves together with musical interventions by composers Andrew Yee and Asma Maroof to create a hybrid opera-theatre piece. Working seamlessly with language, movement, image and song, Moved by the Motion forms a genre-bending adaptation that reinterprets the themes that Carmen embodies: love, loss and liberation.

‘Carmen belongs to nobody and everybody. She is everything her creators feared, and everything they desired. What was a threat to them is an inspiration to us.’ 

- Wu Tsang


Sun June 23 8:00 PM


  • default from € 25
  • CJP/student/scholar € 13

language & duration

  • 3 hours

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cast Alicia Aumüller, Tosh Basco, Ryan Capozzo, Tabita Johannes, Josh Johnson, Asude Karayavuz, Kay Kysela, New Kyd, Katia Ledoux, Perle Palombe, Benjamin Radjaipour, Songhay Toldon, Ondrej Vidlar artistic direction Moved by the Motion staging Wu Tsang movement direction Tosh Basco choreography Josh Johnson musical direction Asma Maroof musical direction Collegium Novum Zoi Tsokanou composition Andrew Yee choir rehearsal director Jonathan Palmer Lakeland script Sophia Al-Maria set design Nicole Hoesli, Nina Mader costume design Kyle Luu hairdressing Sara Mathiasson dramaturgy Helena Eckert artistic research Fred Moten / Pie.fmc (Pedro G. Romero, Joaquín Vázquez, Enrique Fuenteblanca) in collaboration with Collegium Novum Zürich, The Solti Foundation production Schauspielhaus Zürich coproduction Hartwig Art Foundation

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