Echobox x Holland Festival presents


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Amsterdam online radio station Echobox will host two broadcasts especially for the Holland Festival, live from De Balie. You can hear (international) artists from the festival and artists from Amsterdam talking about the festival themes and, of course, music from the programme. The broadcasts can be attended live in the Pleinzaal of De Balie and can be followed online via Echobox Radio.

Echobox Radio is an Amsterdam-based independent online radio station, broadcasting from below sea level. Made up of a passionate, tight-knit team of radio lovers and located in the West of Amsterdam, Echobox transmits FM-quality radio with a piratical approach, from our community to the world. Since launching in July 2021 in the midst of the pandemic, Echobox has amassed a diverse and creative set of over 150 resident broadcasters. Echobox makes space for leftfield and underground sounds within a structured and curated program: returning to the concept ‘radio’ in a truer sense and creating a radio world to tune in to throughout your day.



Echobox x Holland Festival presents ROLODEX 

Join Ramon de Lima in a wide-reaching discussion about the politics, possibilities, and problems facing nightlife culture, along with invited guests. Joining Ramon are multi-disciplinary artist, graphic designer, and performer Alyson Sillon, dance artist, choreographer, and artistic director of ARK, Connor Schumacher, and filmmaker, theatremaker, and visual artist Lukasz Twarkowski.

With music throughout from Animist Records.


Echobox x Holland Festival presents: Forbidden Cultures: Indigenous Music & Traditions

Chautuileo Tranamil (Aralez) & Jesse van ‘t Hull (The Sinchi Foundation) talk with Willem Koning, Myra Colis & Roberto Callisaya Hilara about Indigenous music, song and dance in the context of cultural heritage, oppression & genocide and as a tool for reconnection and repair. With performances of the guests.


With music throughout from Animist Records.


Fri June 23 4:00 PM

Fri June 23 6:30 PM


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language & duration

  • English

  • 2 hours 30 minutes

  • Alyson Sillon, multi-disciplinary artist, graphic designer and performer

  • Connor Schumacher, dance artist, choreographer and artistic director of ARK

    © Aqueene Wilson

  • Lukasz Twarkowski, filmmaker, theatremaker and visual artist

    © Kris Ćwik


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