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Address: Nes 63, 1012 KD Amsterdam

Wheelchair spaces
Are you visiting Frascati using a wheelchair, or do you have specific wishes to experience our performances in the best possible way (audiovisually)? Please contact our box office in advance. This can be done by phone on 020 - 626 68 66 or by emailing [email protected]. For example, it is possible to reserve seats that meet specific requirements. After your phone call and upon entering, always report to the box office so that they can further inform or guide you with your request.

Hearing aid
There is no loop available

Toilet facilities
A disabled toilet is available near the toilets of the Frascati Café.

Accessibility & parking
Access to the theatre is at ground level and wheelchair accessible. To enter the Frascati Café, staff can put down a ramp for you. Available parking space near Frascati is scarce, especially in the evenings. The street parking rate in Amsterdam city centre is €7.50 per hour (Mon to Sun, 09:00 - 24:00). There are several car parks near the Nes, including on the Rokin.

Assistance dogs
Assistance dogs are allowed

Need assistance with your visit?
If you need assistance during your visit to Frascati, please contact us in advance or ask at the box office upon entering.

Questions about your visit?
See also the Frascati website