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HF x Lofi

Philou Louzolo, Esa, Catu Diosis, Pink Oculus, Boris Acket, Nedda Sou, Blue Lab Beats

Club evening with live acts, DJs and a mix of exciting music styles

The Holland Festival goes on into the wee hours in the unpolished atmosphere of nightclub Lofi in Amsterdam’s western harbour area. On 3 June, this will feature Blue Lab Beats and Pink Oculus.

Let yourself be swept off your feet by the wonderful blend of jazz, hip-hop, soul, funk and R&B from the adventurous jazztronica duo Blue Lab Beats backed by two musicians on trumpet and saxophone. Following this, singer Pink Oculus (Esperanza Denswil) will perform in an audio-visual installation designed especially for her by Boris Acket - an optical temple inspired by elements from Afrofuturism. Backed by her band and violinist Yannick Hiwat, Pink Oculus sings about black and female empowerment and the strength of her ancestors, who were Maroons: liberated enslaved people in Suriname.

The live acts are followed by extravagant DJ sets from Catu Diosis (Uganda) and Lofi favourites like DJ Esa (UK/South Africa) and Philou Louzolo (Netherlands). More than enough vibes to keep going until the wee hours!


Fri June 3 2022 10:00 PM


  • default € 20
  • HF Young € 10


  • Language no problem

  • 7 hours

OCULUS is an audio-visual installation developed for Pink Oculus by audio-visual artist Boris Acket, spatial designer Dennis Vanderbroeck and researcher Vincent van Velsen. Different media were used for the installation: spatial design, light design and audio-reactive design. What is unique about OCULUS is the convergence of design, music and substantive research.


22:00 - 23:20 Nedda Sou

23:20 - 00:05 Blue Lab Beats

00:05 - 01:00 Catu Diosis

01:00 - 01:45 Pink Oculus x Boris Acket x Dennis Vanderbroeck (live A/V)

01:45 - 03:30 Esa

03:30 - 05:00 Philou Louzolo

Tickets can be ordered via our website until 3 June 17:30, from then on ticket sales are conducted via the LoFi website or at the door.

  • Philou Louzolo

    © Philou Louzolo

  • Esa

    © Esa

  • Blue Lab Beats

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  • Nedda Sou

    © Nedda Sou

  • Catu Diosis

    © Catu Diosis