J'offre Mes Yeux Pour Qu’un Aveugle Voie…

Bianca Casady

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A reading and media presentation by future feminist Bianca Casady (CocoRosie) about her political concerns regarding feminism. She will combine images and words in a poetic way, using the perspective of an AI character or robot.  

‘Our (CocoRosie’s) feminism is strongly earth-centered with an unceasing reverence for nature. We see the body as sacred. We are currently interested in a vision of re-wilding as a broader concept both for the planet and for female beings. (…) We believe that radical self-acceptance is true feminism and that much of the problem which needs to be addressed is society’s rejection and oppression of female bodies. (…) I want to make a non-explicit provocation for people to think about these things in a more critical way.’  
- Bianca Casady (CocoRosie) 

J'offre Mes Yeux Pour Qu’un Aveugle Voie… is part of the

Future Feminism-programme.

Interview with Bianca Casady


Fri June 23 5:00 PM

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presentation Bianca Casady

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