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Lukas Avendaño

An abstract backdrop with enormous frames strung with ropes, sound design composed for pre-colonial instruments, and a strong collective choreography make the first large-scale dance piece by the Mexican artist Lukas Avendaño a poetic journey.

Fourteen dancers and one actress imagine the origins of all life on the basis of feminine symbolism from Mexican culture. Drawing on the symbol of the snake that gives birth to itself, the ‘lemniscate’, symbol of infinity, Avendaño has created a tribute to femininity as well as to the queer muxe community in Mexico.

Muxes are also called the ‘third gender’. They play a complex social role in Zapotec culture. These are men with feminine values and behaviours, contrasting with Mexican male machismo. Avendaño has created a reflection on this muxe community, their sexuality, eroticism and the tension surrounding it. LEMNISKATA shows humans in all their nakedness and vulnerability while at the same time being a work of feminine resistance against a world dominated by violence and exploitation. 

Avendaño: ‘Just as this piece is a tribute to femininity, it of course also comprises an implicit tribute to this (muxe) community, which is stigmatised in many contexts.’


Mon June 12 2023 8:00 PM

Tue June 13 2023 8:00 PM

Wed June 14 2023 8:00 PM


  • default from € 30
  • CJP/student/scholar € 12
  • series ticket from € 27

language & duration

  • Language no problem

  • 1 hour (zonder pauze)

musical credits
Chirimía Cruz Blanca performs live: Música de pasión, La caminata de los tastoanes (La Remasca)
Extract original sound piece: Matrix (2021) by Ismael Rodríguez
production: Diego de la Mora
postproduction: SUPLEX Studio / Diego Martínez
instrumentalists: Alma Cano, Cristina Cano, Melisa Cano, Juan Cano, Lucero Casillas, Vanesa Casillas, Rocío López, Xochitl López, Israel Martínez, Cyané Quijano and Mauricio Vega
recording by: Suplex Studio in Acatic, Mexico. April 2022 (

special thanks
We deeply thank all the people from the municipalities of the state of Jalisco in México: Tonalá, Tuxpan, Mezcala, Acatic, Zapotlán el Grande, Teuchitlan and Amatitán, who accompanied us in the emergence of the origin of this project with shared wisdom through their customs, traditions, crafts and stories that were forging the symbolic framework of LEMNISKATA.
  • © Jaime Martin

  • © Jaime Martin

  • © Jaime Martin

  • Lukas Avendaño, choreographer

    © Mario Patiño


choreography Lukas Avendaño direction Lukas Avendaño, Rosario Ordoñez dance Natalia Martínez Mejía, Abdiel Villaseñor, Edgar Pol, Víctor Villasana, Leo Vara, Emmanuelle Sanders, Omar Santiesteban, Oswaldo (Wacho) Gómez, Ramón García, Hazael Sánchez Rangel, Víctor Hugo Loaiza, Víctor Gil Méndez, César López, Milton Uriel Onofre Vázquez, Erick Dachill dramaturgy Barbara Muñoz de Cote, Ismael Rodríguez light design Enrique Morales “Chester” original music Tecuexe Band composition Javier López López, Diego Martínez Guillén design and creation of masks Jesús Ramírez costumes Carolina Jiménez photography Alejandra Leyva, Jaime Martin, Nación Imago illustrations Julio María guest musicians Abel Jarero, Juan Jarero y Miguel Jarero (Chirimía Cruz Blanca de Tonalá) vocal training Emmanuelle Sanders general and artistic director Eleno Guzmán Gutiérrez business director Verónica Rimada Diz producer Saúl Alejandro Gaxiola Martínez tour manager and logistics Rodrigo del Ángel Muñóz graphic design Carlos Humberto Vázquez Cortés management assistant Arianna Suárez administration assistant Michel D'yanin Galindo Gómez set construction Enrique Rodriguez associate set design Juan Luis Caballero Franco rigger Eric Lomeli, Erick Pichardo, José Vega, Ivan Tellez transport Carlos Terrones production MOVES México coproduction Conjunto Santander de Artes Escénicas, Cultura UDG, Kampnagel