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Meet the Artist: Lukas Avendaño


Do you have a burning question to ask Lukas Avendaño? Then this is the moment. You can meet the artist at De Balie. Under the guidance of moderator Giulia Palladini, the audience can ask questions about Lemniskata and the maker’s background. Lukas Avendaño is not only a choreographer but an anthropologist as well. Lukas Avendaño’s work is rooted in his life experience as a ‘muxe’ - a person of the third gender in Zapotec culture. There will also be room to share your experience after seeing the performance. The Meet the Artist sessions are a great opportunity for both seasoned visitors and newcomers to get to know the Holland Festival’s makers better. Other artists in this series include Romeo Castellucci, Nadia Beugré and Julian Rosefeldt.


Tue June 13 2023 9:30 PM

language & duration

  • English

  • 45 minutes