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The Unborn

Flavia Pinheiro

The Unborn transports the audience into a mysterious realm of enchantment, an in-between world. An absent presence is evoked, with troubling spirits defying gravity with somersaults, suspended in darkness.

Moving between ritual and choreography, The Unborn is based on the ones who will never be born and those who died after birth. The dance embodies a sense of magical movement that can hear spirits and communicate with them, and can be seen through closed eyes, as if unlocking a clairvoyant perspective.

In this solo dance performance, Brazilian choreographer and performer Flavia Pinheiro invites you to reflect on the fragility and resilience of life, the mysteries of the spirit world and the eternal longing for continuity. In her artistic practice, Pinheiro creates fanciful exchanges with non-human beings, like bacteria, plants, birds, antelopes and spirits.


Fri June 21 8:30 PM

Sat June 22 8:30 PM


  • default € 20
  • CJP/student/scholar € 13

language & duration

  • Language no problem

  • 45 minutes (zonder pauze)

  • © Thomas Lenden

  • © Thomas Lenden

  • © Thomas Lenden

  • © Thomas Lenden

  • © Thomas Lenden

  • © Thomas Lenden


concept Flavia Pinheiro choreography Flavia Pinheiro performance Flavia Pinheiro residence La Caldera Barcelona Artistieke samenwerking Tom Oliver Jacobson, Rodrigo Batista, Mari Paula text Chakirou Salami (Baba Ketu), Flavia Pinheiro sound design Leandro Olivan costume design Marc Andrade production is supported by VEEM House, Nicole Beutler Projects, AFK, Corpo Rastreado Residency La Caldera Barcelona, Centre chorégraphique multicorps with thanks to Didier Djelehounde, Marcel Gbffa, Chakirou (Baba Ketu)