To Feel A Thing: A Ritual for Emergence

adrienne maree brown, Troy Anthony, The Fire Ensemble, Charlotte Brathwaite

Let deep feelings of connection and zest for life reign free during a ritual for spiritual emergence with uplifting gospel music and the inspiring, heartening songs of adrienne maree brown - one of associate artist ANOHNI’s favourite writers and thinkers.

The extraordinary ritual To Feel A Thing: A Ritual for Emergence was originally workshopped by The Fire Ensemble, an American choir community. This project of author and songwriter adrienne maree brown, in collaboration with composer and choir leader Troy Anthony and director Charlotte Brathwaite, is now coming to the Netherlands to be performed again with local participants ahead of its world premiere at The Repertory Theater of St. Louis and Oregon Shakespeare Festival.

Featuring original music and text from brown, this work, rooted in gospel music, acknowledges the spirit inside each of us that is a wild creature of Earth, along with the feelings that lead us to adapt for survival and to come together to care for ourselves and our communities. Together with brown, and accompanied by a gospel band, The Fire Ensemble along with local participants will breathe new life into the piece. Audiences can expect to play an active role. Lose yourself in the crowd and sing along if you want to, or choose a place on the balcony for a better view.

adrienne maree brown:

‘This is a time when art needs to enliven and connect people to themselves and their capacity to shape the future through their own choices. To Feel A Thing: A Ritual for Emergence is a musical ritual rooted in emergent strategy, the sound and spirit of gospel, and creating more possibilities for our species by awakening our capacity to feel what is, and feel each other.

Associate artist ANOHNI on adrienne maree brown: 

‘She may have the clearest voice in the United States when it comes to articulating methods and processes that can be used by people in social justice movements.’


Sun June 18 8:30 PM


  • default including drink from € 23
  • CJP/student/scholar € 12

language & duration

  • English

  • 1 hour 30 minutes (zonder pauze)

  • Adrienne Maree Brown, writer and activist

    © Anjali Pinto

  • © Ahad Subzwari

  • © Ahad Subzwari