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Young Benefactor

Young Benefactor

Young Benefactors are contributors up to and including 42 years old, that support Holland Festival with €250 a year.

Holland Festival cannot exist without the support of its Friends. You too can contribute to innovating the performing arts! Become a Young Benefactor and join the enthusiastic group of young culture lovers who are passionate about the Holland Festival.

Whether you are a cultural newbie or an arts glutton, as one of Holland Festival's Young Benefactors, you will never plunge into the largest performing arts festival of the Netherlands alone. Together with us, you will learn about all the ins and outs of the performances and the artists.

How does it work?
As a Young Benefactor, you are invited to all the HF Young events. 

You will also receive
·       priority at ticket sales as of 27 February,
·       € 5 discount on every first ticket for each show and € 2,50 discount
        on every next ticket for the same show*,
·       the right to the HF Young discount up to and including 42 years of age
        (as opposed to 39 years),
·       a behind-the-scenes tour,
·       inclusion of your name on the website (if so desired),
·       an invitation for yourself and a guest to:
        -     the festive launch of the programme in spring,
        -     the Young Benefactor's dinner (at your own expense) with a
              commentary on the programme done by the festival team,
        -     the festive reception after the opening performance, if you have
              tickets for this performance,
        -     the Friends performance (at your own expense) and drinks afterwards, and
        -     the festive After-Summer Reception.

* - Certain shows are excluded from this offer: productions by Dutch National Opera, Dutch National Ballet, Dries Verhoeven and Stedelijk Museum
   - The price per ticket, including the discount, may not drop below € 15.

Donating to a cultural institution or charity
Holland Festival has the status of a cultural ANBI*. A donation to an organisation with an ANBI status can be deducted from taxable income as a gift. The amount that you are permitted to deduct depends on the type and size of the gift. Good to know: gifts to several organisations with an ANBI status can be added together. Use this calculator to look at the fiscal benefit in your specific situation.

* Public Benefit Organisation (Algemeen Nut Beogende Instelling)

Young Benefactor for 5 years, with periodic gifts
If you want to be sure of receiving fiscal benefits, you can donate with a periodic agreement of minimally five years. You can select this in the registration form. Will you turn 43 in the meantime? Then you will automatically turn into a Benefactor for the same amount and you won't lose your fiscal benefit.

Read more: Fiscal benefits and Giving Act (Geefwet)

join now

Stef Paijens
tel. 020 - 788 21 14
e-mail [email protected]

Young Benefactors
Hassina Bahar
Aram Balian
Pietro Bertazzi
Quirijn Bongaerts
Natalia Barbosa Eitel
Jasmin Farag
Brendon Humble
Tim Klifman
Naomi van der Linden
Eva Moerbeek
Pieter Nooitgedagt
Eerke Steller
Bart Truijens
Esther van der Veldt
Sheila Verdegaal
Norman Vladimir
Lonneke van der Waa
Young Benefactors who wish to stay anonymous.