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Holland Festival as a learning environment

Young people are the audience of the future and we will continue working to make them receptive to art.

Every year, the Holland Festival organises active and creative educational activities for secondary school students and university, HBO, MBO and art students.

Are you interested in visiting a performance or entering into an in-depth collaboration with your study programme, school, or class? please contact our educational programmer: [email protected]. We are happy to discuss the possibilities with you!

Secondary schools
Our ambition is to introduce secondary school pupils to great, international productions and artists, and to be inspired by current themes, working methods and innovative forms of expression. Each year, we focus on a number of specific performances, to which we develop in-depth and creative workshops or educational programmes. The pupils quickly get to work themselves, in order to discover what the performance means to them. The Holland Festival offer fits well with subjects such as Art, Drama or CKV. The content of the workshops/lessons is tailor-made and therefore easily adapted to the school's curriculum and wishes.

Art schools / HBO / University
We also create tailor-made programmes for a variety of art schools and colleges. From specific workshops by international makers to overarching research assignments related to the organisation of the festival.

In collaboration with Dutch conservatoires, Holland Festival programmes an annual production under the name Exploratorium, in which conservatoire students collaborate with internationally renowned makers and performers.

Many aspects of organizing a performance festival can be linked to MBO, such as set building, hospitality and engineering. The Holland Festival wants to involve MBO students by giving them more insight into the festival's working method and by getting inspired by the large-scale and diverse productions. We organise various activities that give a glimpse behind the scenes, from guided tours to hands-on assignments and walk-in days. Every year, we also offer inspiring and instructive internships.

Examples from the 2024 offer:
In cooperation with the Hyperion Lyceum, we organise a CKV day for 250 students around the theme of feeling at home, a theme that often recurs in the work of associate artist Christiane Jatahy. This topic plays an important role in our society: housing shortage, gentrification, migration, but also on a personal level - what do you need to feel that you belong somewhere? And what does it mean to feel at home?

Examples from the 2023 offer:
In cooperation with Gerrit van der Veen College, we developed four workshops for the music and art+ class around The Disintegration Loops, a performance taking place on the square in front of the school. 60 pupils made their own sound recordings around the theme of freedom, and worked with their class towards a collective album.

For the large-scale film installation Euphoria, we developed a lesson plan that can be used by art/CKV teachers in the classroom, before or after a visit to a performance. The lesson plan also serves as a starting point for the jointly organised CKV day for 120 pupils of the Hyperion Lyceum.