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Manifesto for the living in a time of extinction

Manifesto for the living in a time of extinction

Eight-day programme about the Anthropocene, climate crisis and the role of humans

Manifesto for the living in a time of extinction is an eight-day programme about climate change in a greenhouse on the roof of a city building. In relation to this manifesto, art will not only be made about the climate crisis, but we will also ask ourselves how we might, in an inclusive manner, take action. Everything comes together during the finale. This programme is in Dutch. 

As a festival, we not only want to show art about the climate crisis, but also aim to activate people to actually do something in return for the earth. During eight days, in collaboration with ROEF, a bare concrete space will be turned into a lively greenhouse where programmes on this climate theme will take place.

In this time, farmer and artist Anne van Leeuwen (founder of regenerative farm Bodemzicht and co-founder Embassy of the North Sea) will work on a manifesto for humankind; a to-do list of sorts with things we can do for the earth. On day one, during the kick-off, she will present the aim of the manifesto and her research plan for the coming week. Subsequently, she will be present at all programmes and, with the knowledge she acquires together with all the visitors, will ‘construct’ a poetic manifesto.

What persons and organisms do we need for a better world? Among others, associate artist Nicolas Stemann will present his perspective on this subject. What can we do in return for the earth as directors, festivals and other producers of culture? Visitors are invited to contribute, so by all means look out for Anne and stop and chat!

During the finale of Manifesto for the living in a time of extinction, Van Leeuwen will present all results and conclusions from this programme in and around the greenhouse. Will it be an installation, a greenhouse completely painted over, or a wholly different form?

Manifesto for the living in a time of extinction will consist of the following parts: