Requiem for Nature

Tan Dun, Pierre Audi, Koninklijk Concertgebouworkest

In collaboration with composer/conductor Tan Dun and creative partner Pierre Audi, the Concertgebouw Orchestra presents the world premiere of Tan Dun’s ground-breaking Requiem for Nature with choir and soloists.

With Tan Dun, virtuosity goes hand in hand with spirituality and contemplation, as does innovation with ancient traditions. In the spectacular Gashouder venue, he will conduct his new commissioned piece Requiem for Nature, based on his Buddha Passion from 2018, a Passion Tan Dun created in the Western tradition, inspired by Buddhist rather than Christian texts. Tan Dun has used the parts devoted to nature in a new composition: Requiem for Nature. This ode to Earth, which at the same time mourns the demise of nature caused by human action, will have its world premiere.

Besides the Rotterdam symphonic choir of Laurens Symphonic, the performance will feature three vocal soloists from various regions in East Asia. Zeren Yanjing, Lei Xu en Hasibagen bring completely different singing styles in which age-old traditions combine with new techniques.

Pierre Audi takes care of the mise-en-espace and takes inspiration from the music, the theme and the Gashouder’s theatrical space. He has worked with Tan Dun several times before, such as on Tan Dun’s English opera Tea (2005).


Fri June 30 8:15 PM

Sat July 1 8:15 PM


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orchestra Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra conductor Tan Dun Tibetan coloratura Zeren Yanjing soprano Candice Chung indigenous Mongolian throat singer and morin khuur Hasibagen pipa Han Yan choir Laurens Symfonisch creative partner Pierre Audi lighting design Jean Kalman production Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra