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Zhang Yimou

The film Hero had been cancelled unfortunately, because the licence for screening has been revoked by the producer.

Chinese maestro Zhang Yimou filmed the epic story of a nameless warrior who defeats three formidable martial arts masters. With a score by composer Tan Dun.

Once upon a time there was… a Chinese king who wanted to rule all of China; but there were also three illustrious warriors in the service of his enemies who did everything to prevent this. Suddenly, a Warrior with No Name (Jet Li) from the provinces appears at the gates to the Forbidden City. In an audience with the king of Qin, this Nameless One tells of his epic victories over Heaven, Broken Sword and Flying Snow.


Wed June 28 2023 7:15 PM


  • Mandarin surtitles: Dutch

  • 1 hour 33 minutes (zonder pauze)

  • © Yimou Zhang

  • © Yimou Zhang