Holland Festival x Cinetree: Tomorrow

Cyril Dion, Mélanie Laurent

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A feelgood movie about reinventing the world

Telling a feelgood story… this may be the best way to solve the ecological, economic and social crises that the world is going through.

After a special briefing for the journal Nature announced the possible extinction of a part of mankind before the end of the 21st century, Cyril Dion and Mélanie Laurent, together with a team of four people, carried out an investigation in ten different countries to figure out what may lead to this disaster and, above all, how to avoid it.

During their journey, they met the pioneers who are reinventing agriculture, energy, economy, democracy and education. Joining those concrete and positive actions which are already working, they began to figure out what could be tomorrow's world…

This film is to be viewed at any time from 22 to 29 May.


Sun May 22 12:00 AM

Mon May 23 12:00 AM

Tue May 24 12:00 AM

Wed May 25 12:00 AM

Thu May 26 12:00 AM

Fri May 27 12:00 AM

Sat May 28 12:00 AM

Sun May 29 12:00 AM


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language & duration

  • English, French surtitles: Dutch

  • 1 hour 48 minutes

Together with online film platform Cinetree, the Holland Festival presents a series of films that are thematically related to the work of this year's associate artists Angélique Kidjo and Nicolas Stemann.

The French-Beninese singer Angélique Kidjo and the German theater director Nicolas Stemann focus in their work on themes such as identity, ecology and representation. Based on these themesthe festival compiled a film programme that is and partly recommended by the associate artists. The programme can be viewed online for free prior to and during the festival. The film programme is framed by short introductions and conversations with Dutch artists and film experts on topics covered in the films.

Cinetree is an online film platform with a monthly selection of films focused on quality, relevance and impact. Essential stories, important themes, chosen by a diverse team of specialists and enthusiasts.