Holland Festival x Pepr: Above Water

Aïssa Maïga

Documentary on the importance of drinking water

Above Water by director Aïssa Maïga follows the twelve years old Houlaye that lives in a village in Tatis, Niger. She walks miles every day to fetch water.

Around the world, fresh water is becoming increasingly scarce. A crisis with enormous consequences. Millions of families spend their lives trying to access water day in and day out. There is plenty of it during the rainy season, but not during the dry season. Two hundred meters below the surface, however, there appears to be a source of water far beyond their imagination. Houlaye's aunt Suri convinces an NGO to build a well in the village. This project promises a new life for these men and women who, without knowing it, have always walked on water.


Sun May 1 12:00 AM

Mon May 2 12:00 AM

Tue May 3 12:00 AM

Wed May 4 12:00 AM

Thu May 5 12:00 AM

Fri May 6 12:00 AM

Sat May 7 12:00 AM

Sun May 8 12:00 AM


  • default € 8,50

language & duration

  • French surtitles: English

  • 1 hour 30 minutes

Together with online film platform Pepr, the Holland Festival presents three productions related to the work of associate artist Angélique Kidjo. The career of singer Angélique Kidjo, who hails from Benin, has been about building bridges between different cultures, different musical styles and different generations. Kidjo, who is also a UNICEF ambassador, sings about the impending climate crisis and important social issues, such as racial inequality, among others.

Pepr is a new platform for films, connected to online film platform Picl. Here the focus is on stories from the African Diaspora. In collaboration with the Holland Festival, two productions related to Kidjo's work will be screened here: Regard Noir and Above Water. Films that respectively explore the history of humanity, show the impact of climate change and question the harshness of the creative industry.