Address: Leidseplein 26, 1017 PT Amsterdam

Wheelchair & mobility scooter users
ITA is easily accessible for wheelchair users. There are adapted elevators and adapted toilets. Seats has been reserved in the venues for wheelchair users and their companions. Please always book these reserved seats by telephone at the box office +31 (0)20 624 23 11 so that we can guarantee that they are available to you.

Mobility scooters are not allowed for safety reasons. You can use a loan wheelchair for transport to the venues.

For visitors who have walking difficulties, it is good to know that there is still a reasonable distance to be covered on foot from the elevator to the Rabozaal.

Hearing impaired
Special hearing enhancement is available in both venues. You can go to the wardrobe for a device (if you are wearing a hearing aid) or an earpiece (if you do not have a hearing aid). There are no extra costs.

Visually impaired
Trained guide dogs and (SOHO) assistance dogs are welcome, if you report their arrival in advance at the box office (+31 (0)20 624 23 11).

Handicapped parking card
Free parking is available for Amsterdam residents with a National Parking Exemption (LPO) or a European disabled parking card (EGP). A day pass is available for visitors to the city. This can be collected at Cition Parking Management.

See: the website of ITA