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Quid est Deus?

Wolfgang Rihm, Jaap van Zweden, ZaterdagMatinee

Composers Wolfgang Rihm and Wim Henderickx ask some bold questions about God and the Universe Rihm’s search for the meaning of is accompanied by violent outbursts and expressive wonder. The Dutch premiere of his mysterious cantata Quid est Deus? for choir and orchestra cannot answer the question of course, but it does prove a cathartic experience. The Belgian composer Wim Henderickx searches for the relationship between the small and the all-encompassing, between the microcosm and the macrocosm. In this sixth part of his Tantric Circle, a comprehensive work for orchestra titled tejas (What does the sound of the universe look like?), Henderickx focuses on his fascination for astronomy, pulsars and supernovae.


Sat June 4 2011 4:15 PM


  • Duration of performance unknown


music Wim Henderickx, Wolfgang Rihm musical direction Jaap van Zweden chorus conductor Frank Hameleers performance Groot Omroepkoor, Radio Philharmonic Orchestra coproduction NTR, Holland Festival, ZaterdagMatinee